My Thoughts on the 2016 Election

These are just a few of my thoughts on the 2016 US Election, and who I plan to vote for and why.

Donald Trump - The man who feels inescapable from this election cycle, for both Republicans and Democrats, will never get my vote. I don't think there's ever been a time that I considered voting for him. I disliked him before the election, and the election brought out much worse from him. I knew he was an asshole, but flirting with David Duke and white supremacists is completely unforgivable. I never thought I would see that in an American election. Not only racism, but Donald Trump clearly disrespects women and plays off of people's sexism to attack Hillary Clinton. The heart of why I hate Donald Trump is his refusal to accept logic and reason. I believe he is incapable of holding multiple conflicting thoughts in his head at once. He gets overwhelmed with frustration and anger when conflicting thoughts exist, then rejects rational and logical arguments that don't suit him. I can't think of a worse characteristic for a president. There is no upside to a Trump presidency. He might be able to decrease regulation in DC, which might improve the efficiency of our government. But, he will then replace it with regulations that benefit himself and his small group of loyalists. He's scamming the American people, playing off hatred and fear. No.

Hillary Clinton - I see very little downside to a Clinton presidency. She is experienced in the political process after being First Lady, Senator of New York and Secretary of State. The biggest argument I hear against Clinton is that she lies, but I think people are conflating actual lying with being accused of lying. It's a false equivalency to say "Trump is bad, but he's nothing compared to Hillary!" Trump is very bad, and Clinton is somewhere in the vanilla middle. She seems secretive, but is probably too much of a politician to do anything outright destructive. She is a big target for Republicans, but rarely ends up looking like anything more than a somewhat corrupt politician. For instance, the multi-year, multi-million dollar investigation by republicans trying to blame Clinton for the death of soldiers in Benghazi. It's a tragedy this event occurred, but it was not caused by Hillary Clinton. Republicans have had to begrudgingly admit she did nothing wrong. After 7 investigations. It's exciting to think we might have our first female president. I was really excited to hear about her comprehensive mental healthcare plan. Her acknowledgement of climate change and willingness to tax large corporations is encouraging. I think a different perspective would serve to support the needs of voices who never get heard. I also know that hatred of Hillary Clinton runs deep. Growing up, I remember hearing how Bill Clinton was abhorrent for getting a blowjob in the white house. It's hypocritical that the party so mad at that nominated Donald Trump, but that's an entirely different story. People around me would call Hillary Clinton a nazi ("femi-nazi", is that better or worse?) and make fun of her for having cankles. I kind of get it now. It's just sexism and fear of a woman who doesn't submit to patriarchal power structure. This hatred of Hillary Clinton has been simmering in the minds of conservative middle-aged white people for a couple of decades.

Jill Stein or Gary Johnson - I lumped these together because neither of them have a possibility of winning a significant amount of the electoral college. Who cares, they are a waste of time.

This election has been very frustrating for me. It's my sincere hope that Donald Trump's nomination and race for the presidency represents the last, sputtering farts of the white supremacist movement in the united states. That this is the last breath before it's obvious that power based on race is wrong and that it's the content of each other's character that should decide our trustworthiness.

So, yes, it's not surprising that me, an educated late 20's software engineer living in San Francisco in an interracial relationship with his immigrant fiancé is not voting for Donald Trump. Breaking news everyone. But, yes, I am proudly voting for Hillary Clinton and I hope you do too.

ok, so I wrote this before the election, but never got around to publishing it. Donald Trump won. Uhhh... yeah....